Say happy birthday with ease and style, even when remote

Automated birthdays for remote/async teams

Right in your Slack

Collect birthdays

Kongrats collects birthdays from your team, saving you time and reducing errors

Gather wishes

Kongrats delivers reminders for all future birthdays & captures wishes in advance

Send kongrats

Kongrats kick-starts the party and opens a thread with all of the pre-saved wishes

Kongrats 💛 Slack.
Just add it to your Slack, we handle the rest.

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Why Kongrats

  • Boost remote team morale and unity

  • Supercharge employee engagement

  • Cultivate a workplace culture of gratitude

  • Empower your remote teams to feel recognized and connected

  • Transform the way you celebrate with automatic birthday reminders

Engage your employees and celebrate your company wins, all with a single click

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How Kongrats Works

Step 1: Confirm you would like us to assist with birthday celebrations

Step 2: We gather all birthdays

That's all!
7 days before somebody has a birthday, we shoot a message to everybody

On the big day, we shoot a message in #general. All pre-saved wishes are sent in a thread