Say happy birthday with ease and style, even when remote

Elevate your remote celebrations game with seamless birthday tracking on Slack

How It Works

Integrate Kongrats into Slack and let the magic begin! We handle the rest.Our seamless setup process collects birthdays from your team, saving you time and reducing errors.Kongrats delivers timely reminders for all upcoming birthdays.

Take it up a notch with Kongrats Cards!

Sign virtual cards with a personalized touch – add a gif, write a haiku, or send a warm greeting. Celebrate with style!

Why Kongrats?

Transform the way you celebrate with automatic birthday reminders
Cultivate a workplace culture of gratitude
Supercharge employee engagement
Boost remote team morale and unity
Empower your remote teams to feel recognized and connected

We're launching soon!

Say goodbye to missing your colleague's special day by using Kongrats. Join today and enjoy a stress-free way to celebrate remote birthdays. Plus, your first year is free!

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We're almost ready to launch. We'll be in touch when you can add Kongrats to Slack!